Service to Man is Service to God

Swami Vivekananda


A Humble Appeal to the Devotees

Following the path shown by Swami Vivekananda, the work of Ramakrishna Mission depends equally on monks and lay devotees. To implement the ideal “for the liberation of the soul and service to the world” in the system of organisation we broadly execute two sets of activities. One set of activities are temple oriented e.g. Puja, Japam, Dhyana, Utsav, Bhakta Sammelan etc. and the second are service-oriented e.g. helping society through different service activities; Medical, Educational and Cultural.

The spiritual activities like daily worship of Holy Trio, Nat mandir for Bhajan-Kirtan, Japan-Dhyana, regular scriptural class and special programms on special occasions could be carried out even with limited infrastructure. But to carry out the Service activities the present infrastructure is strikingly inadequate. Again, necessary building to provide lodging for Monks, Helping Staff and Devotes is an urgent requirement. Hence immediate construction of Monks Quarters, Staff Quarters, Guest Houses, Kitchen cum Dining Hall and an Administrative Block seems unavoidable. Such constraints pose as hurdles in the smooth conduct of all the activities.

Show Room for Book & Religious Article
Construction area 300 Sq. ft.
Market Rate Rs. 2500/Sq.ft.
Civil Work Rs.7.50 lakh
Computer and IT Support Rs.1.00 lakh
Lighting/Branding Etc. Rs.2.85 lakh
Esitmated Cost Rs.11.35 lakh

Repair & Renovation of Guest House, Dispensary and Kitchen block
Miscellaneous work 1500 Sq. ft.
Market Rate Rs. 700/Sq.ft.
Estimated Cost Rs.10.5 lakh

Miscellaneous work
250 trucks of garden soil Rs. 2,700 per truck
Estimated Cost Rs.6.75 lakh

With all humbleness, we request your generous support during this nascent period of building of needed infrastructure for the future expansion of the service activities of Ramakrishna Mission, Dibrugarh.

  • May Lord shower the choicest Blessings on you and yours.
  • Yours in the service of Humanity
  • Swami Vedasarananda
  • Secretary.