Service to Man is Service to God

Swami Vivekananda


A Humble Appeal

The Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission is celebrating the 125th Anniversary of its fruitful existence as twin organisation engaged in serving Humanity in the Spiritual and Secular fields. Its headquarters is at Belur Math, Howrah, West Bengal. As on 31st March 2022, it has 267 branch centres throughout the world.

Sri Ramakrishna Seva Samity, Dibrugarh which was started by a group of people inspired by the ideal of service as preached by the great Swami Vivekananda in the year 1928, was taken into the folds of the Ramakrishna Order on 18th February 2018 with all its moveable and immoveable property. It has been functioning under the new name of Ramakrishna Mission, Dibrugarh, Assam ever since to implement the ideal “for the liberation of the soul and service to the world”.

The Framework of the Master Plan to be implemented:

The present infrastructure available is strikingly outdated and inadequate to carry out several service activities as buildings are old, dilapidated, unplanned, and poses problem of water logging throughout the rainy season (six to seven months in year). Hence, the Managing Committee of Ramakrishna Mission, Dibrugarh has envisioned a Master Plan to carry out to overcome the problems in the coming five to six years. Under this Plan, we intend to construct four different blocks i.e., Admin Cum Book Showroom, Monk’s Quarter Cum Kitchen and Dining, Auditorium Cum Hostel and Kindergarten Cum Charitable Dispensary. Infrastructure built under this Plan will sustain, nourish, and enhance the service activities of the centre for next 50 to 60 years.

A detailed plan has been chalked out to materialize this Master Plan in a phased manner. To begin with, we are planning to construct Admin Cum Book Showroom Block within the financial year 2023-24. At present, there is no prominent space to accommodate office staff of different service departments. Again, we would like to set up a permanent display of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda literature in different languages open to the main road to ensure knowledge can be easily accessible to people. Estimated cost of the Master Plan is as follows:

Budget for Master Plan to be implemented
Particulars Built up area (sq.m.) Estimated Cost (Rs.)
Admin Cum Book Showroom 337.28 68,06,157.71
Monk’s Quarter Cum Kitchen and Dining 1505.70 4,33,58,663.75
Auditorium Cum Museum and Hostel 2102.57 4,92,33,025.07
Kindergarten Cum Charitable Dispensary 398.3 1,09,67,540.21
Additional Items   69,57,356.00
Total   11,73,22,742.74

A humble submission: The Dibrugarh district is the pivot of higher education in the entire North-East India and a fast-growing town in Assam. We wish to come up with a beautiful center of Learning and Spirituality in the heart of Dibrugarh, of which we all Dibrugarh citizen could be proud of. So, we would humbly request your kind self to support this noble Infrastructure building drive of Ramakrishna Mission, Dibrugarh, the estimated cost of which comes out to be approximately Rs. 12 Crore (Rupees ten crore only) approximately. Ramakrishna Mission, Dibrugarh, Assam in its nascent period of systemization and expansion of the service activities would cherish a helping hand from a benevolent person like yours. Donations to Ramakrishna Mission are exempt from Income Tax u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. May Lord shower the choicest Blessings on you. Yours in the service of Humanity.

  • May Lord shower the choicest Blessings on you and yours.
  • Yours in the service of Humanity
  • Swami Divyavibhananda
  • Secretary.